• Error Message Minification with MinErr

    With the release of AngularJS 1.2.0rc1, the Angular team announced our new error message minification service, called MinErr (pronounced "miner"). MinErr provides more insight to developers about error conditions in their app, while also reducing code size. To ease the transition, let's take a detailed look at MinErr and try to answer any questions that might come up.

  • MinErr: Minified Errors for AngularJS

    I'm posting my slides from a short tech talk I gave today on my summer intern project with the AngularJS team. The project is called minerr. The idea is to take error messages out of the minified build of Angular. This allows you to have longer error messages that are more descriptive and helpful without contributing to code bloat or adding any weight. I'll be following up with a longer post on the Angular blog sometime next week, but for now here are my slides. Unfortunately, lines break in weird places in the small view, so go full screen for the best experience.

  • Why You Should Use a Rebase Workflow

    Git is a terrifying and powerful instrument. I've been using it for a few years now and there are still commands that I just won't touch. Up until a few months ago, one of those commands was git rebase. It's really a shame, since rebasing is one of Git's most exciting and powerful features. So this article is, in spirit, a letter to myself a year ago on why I should have been using a rebase workflow then.

  • Why Focus Testing is Awesome

    Unit testing is awesome. One of the great benefits of a test-driven workflow is the ability to iterate rapidly, breaking one thing at a time, refactoring and fixing it while knowing the rest of the code still works...